Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jerky Winner! picked comment #31 this morning....which means that Leslie @ Better Together won some Primal Spirit Jerky!!! Jerky made of soy and mushrooms and seitan. I wonder what her husband will think of this?

I've got a few tasty recipes up my sleeve, lovelies. I just need to find the time! I'm trying to get my house immaculate for my mom. Don't get me wrong; my house is mostly spotless all the time. Alphabetized, color coded, you name it. My mom has just never been to a house that Cody & I lived in together because our only house prior to this was in Japan! Wish me luck on the cleaning!

If only I looked this good while doing said cleaning........wish me luck on that, too?


  1. You are the cutest EVER. I'm so sorry I've been so MIA is seriously taking a toll on me right now. Like sometimes, I want to pack up, move to Montana, open an eco-friendly farm and sit on the porch with a banjo singing showtunes sort of way. If that even makes sense. Or maybe I want to create origami villages, spray paint wicker furniture or become a professional napper.
    These are the things I've been thinking about in between crazy days at work and trips to China.
    Speaking of which...want to guest post anytime in the near future? I'll be gone for 10 days starting next Monday.
    So, how's life? I miss you like crazy!
    I hope you have fun with your Mommy! I'm sure your house is going to be sparkling clean.
    Good luck sweetie pie!
    Big hugs,


  2. Yesss! Haha love the picture and he will try it a love it! Thanks love!


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